Our Clinic

The grand opening of the Darul Hikmah Institute International Inc. (DHIII) Medical Clinic was on March of 2011 with over 500 members of the local community present. Within the first week alone, an average of 40- 50 patients were served on a daily basis.

In addition to providing primary care to 40 – 50 patients on a day to day basis, every two to three months the medical clinic also offers health screenings geared towards particular specialties including diabetes, skin ailments, eye care, women’s diseases, children’s medical afflictions, ENT, oral diseases and healthy heart awareness. Specialists are invited from surrounding big cities to conduct these vital health screenings. Undoubtedly, without the work of the DHIII Medical Clinic, the people of this area would not have access to these much needed health screenings.

Comprising of population of 50,000 people within a 2-mille radius and a population of 100,000 within a 5-mile radius of the clinic, there is an overwhelming need for the medical services that is being provided by DHIII clinic. However there are limited financial resources to support this high demand. Consequently, 95% of the medical care is provided on a no cost to the patients. In addition, the remaining 5% pay a subsidized rate of 50 – 75% of the normal fee found in the surrounding area.

A staff of 8 professionals, consisting of 2 physicians, 5 medical technicians and 1 administrator operate the day to day logistics of the DHIII Medical Clinic. And although the clinic is equipped with a x-ray department, full in-house medical Lab, ultrasound capabilities, and an ECG facility, it is our goal to build our clinic even more with state of the art equipment. Moreover, we are in the process of establishing both Hepatitis and Asthma awareness programs. In order to achieve this, we rely heavily on the kindness of our supporters. We are confident that the work of this clinic is having a positive, life-changing effect on the people whom we are serving, thus enabling them to have enriching and healthy lives. We are grateful for your continued support!
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